Friday, July 23, 2010


Have you tried etching with Cricut yet? It is super easy... you cut an image out of vinyl, place it onto a glass or mirror, apply etching cream, wait a few minutes and wash it away! You get a lovely etched project for pennies! This is a candy jar that we demonstrated at The Shopping Channel... we filled ours with my Dad's favorite licorice Allsorts...what will you fill yours with?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Shopping Channel Cakes!

This was one of the cakes that aired last time... we did a couple of touch ups to it and it was ready for it's second performance

A close up of the baby block cake... I will have to take another picture of it next time with the baby blocks on top of it! It is a sweet little cake and would be SO cute with a baby's name spelt out on the blocks!

These were mini angel food cakes! This idea would be excellent for a tween party...each girl could do a cake on their own!

Cricut Cake

This cake was put together a bit on air and also backstage... Norm and Susan helped with it on air! We are going to add a couple of tiger lily flowers as a final finishing touch to it!

Back From Toronto!!

We had a really great time at The Shopping Channel! This week we featured both Cricut Cake and Cuttlebug! Lots of machines flew out the door...the pricing truly is phenomenal!

Here are some project pics.... this one is on the set with the cake that Richard helped decorate on air. Dianne, Deb and I put together a bunch of it back stage in between shows!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yes, this monkey IS from the Sweethearts cartridge! He is adorable, yes?!

This box was super easy... $3.00 at Michael's in the dollar bin and a bit of cardstock goes a long ways!

The Sweethearts projects were my design, I love that there is so much potential in this cartridge besides just marriage themed designs!

I am posting a BUNCH of pictures of the projects that we displayed at the last Shopping Channel demonstration. Many of the projects were 'scrap lifted' by me, the original or similar designs done by the talented team at Provo Craft.

This one uses the 'Sweethearts' Cricut cartridge!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is Quin's birthday cake ala Cricut Cake!! It was my first Cricut Cake project and we were really happy with it despite any bloopers we had while making it.