Monday, January 24, 2011

It's been awhile.... so let's have a CRICUT CONTEST!!!

OH THE SHAME!! Please take note that I have never said I would be a good and efficient blogger! BUT, apart from the countless typos, inconsistencies and loooong lapses in postings, I really do enjoy the process! lol

Since November 22nd, (my how time flies), I have been WAY busy trotting all over for both work and play! I thought that we could maybe play a little game and see if you can tell where I've been!! I'll do this multiple choice so that everyone stands a chance in making the correct answers. If you reply with the correct answers in all 4 locations, you will be entered to win a Straight From the Nest Cricut Cartridge by 3 Birds Design as seen below!!

Your comment to enter the contest might look something like this:

             Hi Heather, here are my guesses at your secret locations! My favorite one is______, because ________!! 

              Secret Location #1: ___________________
              Secret Location #2: ___________________
              Secret Location #3: ___________________
              Secret Location #4: ___________________

Secret Location #1
A: The shores of sunny Jamaica
B: Chilly but incredible Niagara Falls
C: The beautiful beach in Canmore Alberta
D: All of the above

Secret Location #2

A: Back Stage at The Shopping Channel
B: Santa's Sugarland aka The Lancaster's house for Cookie Night!
C: Sugar Anonymous Head Office
D: All of the above

Secret Location #3
A: Sunny Florida
B: My home Office
C: Chilly but incredible Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side!
D: Chilly but incredible Niagara Falls from the US side! 

Secret Location #4

A: South Jordan, Utah
B: Toronto, Ontario
C: England, UK (town of Stamford)
D: Calgary, Alberta

Happy entries to everyone!! The contest will close when I return from the CHA trade show in early February!