Monday, June 18, 2012

Hamster Birthday Cake!!

Another birthday for my daughter Quin!?? Amazing that time flies so quickly! 

This year, for her cake, she made the odd request for a hamster cake. Seriously? I am not sure why, or what she was thinking, but who am I to tell her to choose something normal, or maybe easy, or just SOMETHING else! SO, I set to work and made it!

My original goal was to do a hamster in a wheel, or maybe sitting in front of it's wheel. Seemed like an easy option...round cake a hamster made out of a cupcake! I baked, then cooled, then tried with all my might to make the wheel stand up, but it just wasn't happening. And, seeing how I waited until the Saturday morning of the party to decorate the cake, I moved on to plan two. Flat wheel, dimensional hamster!

I think, that it turned out great!! What do you think?? It's a nice little teddy bear hamster yes? Complete with chocolate bar feet, tail and ears, all smiling and ready to celebrate!

However, the second that I brought it out, Quin and all of her friends yelled SWEETUMS!! lol I suppose that there might be a bit of a resemblance between Sweetums and the hamster?! 

I'll let YOU be the judge!! 


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