Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

This morning Sweetums and I headed outside for a quick walk and it was raining. Nothing serious, nothing freezing cold. I was wearing a hoody and a tshirt and didn't feel the 'sting' of the weather. I was, in fact, relieved that I didn't have to gear up in boots and all that fun stuff!

Now, Sweetums on the other hand was singing a different story. FYI, Sweetums is our new Yorkie pup and she is a pretty little thing, little being the operative word. She did not appreciate the mild fall weather and was shivering enough to gain my sympathy and convince me that it was time to head to the store and get her some outdoor clothing.

Once it warmed up a bit and we headed to the pet store (Sweetums came along to try things on and make sure they looked nice) we didn't find very much! There were lots of little t-shirts on sale, and a bunch of halloween costumes, but very few winter jackets or even hoodies, and even fewer CUTE options! 

We headed to a second pet store where I found the little Martha Stewart fleece below:

Fleece Puppy Jacket ala Martha Stewart! 
It's pretty cute and probably pretty warm, but I have to say that it is missing some PINK GIRLYNESS!! What's the point of dressing up a girl puppy if it isn't going to be in pink??!! No problem though, my sewing machine has been sitting on my desk all week along with a gazillion pink swatches of fabric that I am using to make Alix a baby quilt (I'll share when I'm done!).

Cricut + Heat'n'bond + CUTE!
I cut some Heat'n'bond into flower shapes (the same flowers I am putting on the baby quilt!lol) and  then ironed it onto the back of some lovely pink fleece. Then I cut the fleece out with scissors. I WISH I could of cut the fleece with my Cricut, but cutting the heat'n'bond provided an awesome pattern and it was the next best thing.

A few lacy details...
After cutting the flowers, I ironed them onto the fleece jacket and top stitched the edges. As a final touch I sewed some lace and pompoms around the edges of the outfit, added a pom pom to the center of each flower, and, whoola!

She is NOT cringing!! Honest! She just doesn't want to walk in it just yet...
I had a lovely, fashionable PINK and brown fleece jacket for Sweetums! Quin says it looks like something Sherlock Holmes would wear. humff. I like it!! And Sweetums does too, sort of...

She did eventually walk in her jacket :)
It took her a few minutes to see it's merit, but eventually Sweetums was happily wandering the back yard in her warm little outfit.

Lovely professional! 

Is that a smile?!
And so, my mission for the day is done. I also picked up a little gray Martha Stewart winter jacket. I'll get started on it next week!