Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweet Bazzill!

No, I didn't spell it wrong! I am talking about Bazzill the card stock, not Basil the herb! And all of us scrappers are on the same page here - we'd much rather have a garden full of Bazzill than basil, yes??

Anyways... who all has checked out the Bazzill app for iPhone? I have known about it for some time, but now that I have Cricut Imagine sitting on my desk, I finally took the plunge and paid the $ 9.99 for the app. OUCH! This is for sure the most expensive app that I have ever is pretty darn awesome!!

Every color of Bazzill Card stock is entered in the app so that you can find what you are looking for. And best of all, all of the RGB values for each color are listed! What does this mean you may be wondering?? Well, with Cricut Imagine, you can print full 12x12 sheets of paper; both patterned and plain colors. And if you per chance run out of your favorite color of Bazzill, or if you need an extra scrap, or if you want a certain color but can't find it, you can now enter the RGB value into the Cricut Imagine and print what you need! Exact color matches!! yippee!

Check out these pics that I took with my iphone....

This is the opening page of the app. You can find your card stock color by name, color group or family (Bling, Metallics etc...). You can save your palettes or even load a picture so that you can use the app to pic the perfect colors!

The color screens open up to show all of the colors in one group....
Once you pick your color (Heather purple for instance!) you can then choose other papers that coordinate with it according to the color wheel!

I love how visual the whole app is and how easy it will be to coordinate colors when my brain isn't working!! I am thinking that even if I didn't have Cricut Imagine, being a total Bazzill Cardstock junkie, that this this app is worth having!

OH!! And one other thing that it has!! If you have a favorite paper company like Cosmo Cricket, 7 Gypsies or American Crafts (plus MANY more), you can open see what Bazzill Cardstock colors coordinate with their paper lines!!

Here is the Cricut Imagine screen where I can enter the RGB (Red Green Blue) number values. You can also pick random colors on the rainbow circle! I will print and see how close they are to the Bazzill Cardstock!

Very Very cool.....maybe I will go clean my office now... maybe I will even take before and after pictures because it is so disgusting. Maybe some of my friends will even come and help me clean! (a girls got to dream right!lol)


  1. Heather, I am taking a break from reorganizing my craft room and if you were closer, I would help you out!

    You are going to be responsible for too many of my apps! This one looks cool!

  2. Hey Wendy! I wish we were closer! It is always inspiring to see someone's NEAT crafting space!!! I took the pictures of the messy room... it's bad...very bad... still working on the clean up though so I must wait to share my shame! lol

    You have to share your apps with me too! whatcha got?!

  3. Hi Heather, I was just researching the Bazzill RGB codes as the video for one of the imagines said it was out there. I just didn't realize we would have to pay for it. Is it working for you.

    Also A correction to your Cricut Printing 12X12 paper is False. The largest you can cut is 11.2.

    I was on the phone with Provo Craft because- AGAIN in the video is suggest you can print with out the border that they had- well you can't. PC assured me that 11.5 was the largest and you could ONLY get that with "Fit to Page" When mine would not let me go PAST 11.2 they put me on hold- came back and said yes it is 11.2-- Of course they also did not know you could print a FULL square.LOL She said I had to choose the shape then fill with pattern giving every paper rounded corners-- I explained to them-- don't use the shape- it prints square corners.. They are still learning also... Let me know on the ap, and if you get yours to print actual 12x12- I would LOVE to know how because as it stands- I will not be using my imagine to print paper because I don't want 11.2x11.2 pages..

    Thanks Jodie

  4. Hey Jodie!

    Yeah...11.2 x 11.2 papers would be a bit lame! Have you done the Imagine update yet online? You can find it for both Mac and PC at:

    Once you update, you will be able to print FULL sheets of paper, honest!! The update also fixes a couple of minor bugs and preps your machine for future use with Gypsy. I*think* the next update will make Imagine talk to Gypsy... it will be a beautiful thing!

    Let me know how your update goes!!

  5. Oh...And I am loving the Bazzill app! If you are a paper addict and want to be able to print specific colors, it is wonderful!

  6. OK, I have now got the bazzill app. I love their colours so this is great.
    Do you think I can use bazzill in "friends with Words", lol