Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scrapbook Room Rescue

Do I get a drumroll? Maybe a prize?! Can everyone gasp out loud??LOL It took me a full week to clean up my space, but I am very excited to say that it is done! I think that I may even keep it this way... at least until the next time I have a million things to do and only 2 days to do it in! Clean up wasn't honestly all that painful... it was mostly a matter of putting things away where they belong, purging a few supplies that I will never use and reorganizing a couple of spaces. 

Check out my desk area!! OH MY GOSH! I have actual elbow room!! This is just a slight improvement over last week! If you didn't see the pictures, check out my Messy Scrapbook Office earlier last week! 

I was lucky enough to build a customized office/scrapbook room when we moved into our home 5 years ago. All of the little drawers are awesome and they allow me to sort and store all of the fun items that I need! (yes, NEED!)  The gift wrapping area here is very handy for wrapping presents... my favorite part of this picture is the little wrapped gift on the right that is tucked in behind the ribbon. It is a birthday present from a very dear friend...she gave it to me in June and my birthday is still not here!! Talk about taunting me!! But... I have not peeked!

This slightly blurry picture shows the main bank of space in my office. My printer and fax machine hide nicely in one set of the lower cupboards and slide out when I need them. There are also 2 pull out file drawers and more storage space. 

The dump site behind my island is now cleaned up! I took my slide cutter off of the back of the island and my husband was kind enough to build shelves and attach more tilt bins to the wall for me. He is such a handy guy!!

The long yellow ribbon hanging from the wall is attached to a pair of scissors... otherwise scissors have a tendency to become lost. hmm... nothing to do with the children of course!

All of my Sizzix dies are now stored in the 'back' cupboard, which holds the supplies that I either don't use often but can't part with, or are open game for my daughter to use!

The other side of this island has more of the little drawers for storage as well as a big pull out recycle bin in the middle of the island.

Anyone need some alphabet bradletz? lol I am going to brainstorm a project that will use them ALL in one amazing way.... please feel free to make suggestions! Then I will have the sad task of refilling all of the wonderful tilt bins!! oooohhhh!! 

Most of my paper is sitting vertical in the cupboard behind my island. I like having it color sorted with a few bins for specifics. I also tend to leave any scrap pads that I buy 'whole' so that  I can find paper families easier. *sigh* I love paper!!