Monday, September 27, 2010

Messy Scrapbook Office?

After the tornado, but BEFORE the rescue.
When work and life get crazy busy, I *have* to keep on crafting, but as the tornado of creativity is happening, cleaning up my office seems to get a little behind! The worst thing about this is that I really do prefer to work in a clean space with NO clutter around me!! So how could I let this happen? lol It's ok...I have the power to fix it. Armed with three or four boxes to purge some excess materials into, I tackled the piles that surrounded me.... and no, I don't have a hoarding problem!! I really do need all this stuff! Once I post all of the *BEFORE* pictures, I think I'll need to wait a day or so before I show you the *AFTER* images!!lol It's really only fair, seeing how I worked in this mess for a month!

Somewhere, over on the left, you may see my computer screen... honest! It is there! I realize that this looks REALLY bad, but I had just been loading cartridges onto my Gypsy and so it was just a little worse than usual... usual meaning that I am good at keeping a 12" x 12" area directly in front of me clean!

BEFORE ... I actually was still working in this space!!
My poor little Cuttlebug was becoming claustrophobic! Sadly, I was still working in this mess!

This shelf holds all of my *eye candy* ... except it looks like squirrels got into the store and scrambled it all up!

This area of my office is directly opposite of my main desk and computer space. It's actually really fabulous as it has traditionally been my Cricut table and right behind it are a bank of cupboard and drawers that hold all of my paper and other supplies. Unfortunately, this area has become a bit of dump site...ugg...  I think that it may be time to put away my Sizzix dies!! 

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