Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cricut Imagine launch on HSN!

WOW! things have been incredibly exciting as Provo Craft launches the Cricut Imagine on HSN here in Florida!!

The newest addition to the Cricut family is literally flying off of the shelves and I can't honestly imagine how it could not sell out. (no pun intended there!!)

Jinger, our gorgeous spokesperson for Provo Craft started things off at Midnight and 1am last night, and then I aired throughout the night an untill early this morning... It has been an incredible pleasure to share this HSN 24 hours of crafts with industry greats such as Tim Holtz and Anna Griffins!

Don't be fooled by the ease that you see of us all on set... There is a huge team of talented staff and incredible people all ensuring that everything is prepped, perfect and ready to share!!

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  1. Love the new Imagine! But there seems to be someone missing from your pictures :)