Wednesday, March 7, 2012

anybody home??! Our Pink Lamb Baby Shower!

I have been officially reprimanded for not posting on my blog... by several people in fact!! In an effort to placate those that care, I thought that I would post a picture or two, or three! You see, it's not that I have stopped crafting, it's more that I'd rather be creating that writing about creating!

The good news is that I have LOTS of fun projects to share with you... if you are truly wanting directions, let me know, otherwise our future together will be me providing you with some good eye candy!!

First up.... some of the decorations I did for my grand baby's baby shower. Cupcakes, made with Cricut cake!  These beautiful pink cupcakes even included an edible gem!I also did a lamb diaper cake and some pink tissue flowers,,,

Here are some of the results of my Google search that lead to the cupcake's creation:


Curiouser Desserts



  1. These are just darling Heather! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  2. I think, that is more attractive baby shower. Nice decoration. All the thing is pink themed.
    Base on the the style of decoration and the decoration themed too, let me guest. Your baby is daughter, right?
    If you want to get more idea for baby shower or bathroom showers, you may see here
    Thankyou to share your fun project, especially your baby. I am verry apreciate thi. Thank you

  3. I just want to gobble these all up! How sweet!

  4. Do you have directions on how to make these cupcakes? My daughter really wants these for her baby shower