Monday, October 4, 2010

Knifty Knitter Marionette

I find that I cannot sit still in the evening and watch television or a movie unless my hands stay busy (cause I will fall asleep) and as fall approaches, my knitting materials come out of the closet!

In preparation for showcasing Knifty Knitter on air, and in an effort to use up some of my scraps; I decided to Knifty Knit a marionette! It was super easy, with the head and body both being knit on the smallest (flower) loom, then pulled into circles. I stuffed the head with batting and the body has a 3" styrofoam ball in it. The feet also each have a 1/2 styrofoam ball in them, which gives them a bit of weight so that the marionette walks easier. You can find the pattern for this project in the book Loom Crafts With Knifty Knitter.

My kids couldn't leave this silly bird alone once we had it finished and neither could my dog!! Corny movie, but we had fun!!

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