Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Review July 16

My weekend is over before it's begun as I am on my way to Toronto for our next appearance on The Shopping Channel!  You can see some great deals on Provo Craft products at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 7pm EST. In the mean time... I must say it has been a pretty spectacular weekend anyways!

My Grandbaby girl!! 
We started off Friday by heading to my daughter's ultrasound appointment with her, where we found out that we will be Grandparents to a baby girl!! The little gal is due on December 13th and we can hardly wait to start spoiling her! I am dreaming in pink and very VERY excited!! Doesn't she look gorgeous already??!! Ultrasound imaging has come a very long ways since I had my babies!

A Happy Housewarming

Next stop was Alix and Chris's house for their 'official' housewarming party! It is GREAT that they are all settled in the new place :) I decided that in leu of a card, I would make them a little house... of course my Cricut got put to work!

Bits and Pieces ready to assemble
The Winter Woodland Cartridge makes gorgeous little 3D houses and it was easy to just use different themed papers and colors to leave the 'winter' theme behind. I used a 12x24" mat to upscale the size of the house and used a 6" setting for the height. (The length wouldn't have fit onto a 12x12 mat). I had to piece together the striped papers for the main house front but if you have any 3Birds Larger than Life 12 x24 paper it would be PERFECT!

Welcome Home!! 
My sticker stash got broken into so that I could personalize this humble little house...

Using up some of my sticker stash!
A miniature Chris and Alix are holding hands inside of the house and I placed some sweet little sayings inside each of the windows. 

The side view
Piggy Bank Top
Our gift was a little bit of cash to go towards all those inevitable new home costs, so I turned the house into a piggy bank by cutting a slot in the top of the roof and adding a bottom to the structure. 

A very sophisticated piggy bank bottom!
To create the bottom, I cut a slit into the 'grass' where a simple fold of paper creates a latch by tucking in and under. It might not be very sophisticated but it works!! 

And now.... it's off to The Shopping Channel!! Try to tune in if you are looking for an AMAZING deal on the Yudu Cardshop!! 

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