Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Review July 9

I thought that I might trying to do a weekend review every Monday(ish!) as my weekends are always packed full of something interesting!

The magical key of freedom! 
Do you ever find that your creativity in paper crafting is very fluid and oozes into many other areas of your life? I seem to feel like I should and CAN dabble in whatever creative process seems interesting to me at any given time!

For instance.... my daughter Alix recently purchased her own home (WOW!) and so I have an entirely new creative palette just waiting for me! lol She is pretty happy to have help and input as she renovates and puts her own name on the new digs :)

And so, this weekend, instead of cutting and gluing and inking and playing with my normal toys, I helped tile! It was a pretty easy process for Alix, seeing how she went to work all day! Brian (my husband) was the official tile cutter, I was placing them on the wall (occasionally backwards) and Chris, my daughter's significant other (more on him another Monday!) was the  supervisor (making me pry off the backwards tile) and the master grouter and adhesive guy.

The 'tile plan'
We chose super affordable, best sale in the world travertine a few weeks ago when Alix decided to reno the kitchen and then added some gorgeous glass to the design. 

Getting started is always the hard part! 
Chris and I did a lot of debating on how we would lay everything out, and finally settled on running a bit of the glass tile underneath the window.
All of the tile was up in about 4 hours
Chris was very flexible! 
 We used a really dark grout to add some 'pop' to the look and we LOVE how it all turned out! We had some great critiques from the local hardware shop employees who thought that the grout we chose was too dark. REALLY? I think not! It looks gooooood! 

I LOVE the dark grout! 
AND... that was my weekend!! What did you do?!

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  1. Looks fun and it turned out beautiful. Congrats, Alex on your new home.