Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Review July 25th

Well, I must say that it's about time we had a little SUN around here! I had an excellent weekend, sitting in the sun, soaking up the rays and KNITTING!

With not only a baby girl grandbaby on the way, but also a baby boy great nephew (just call me Granty) I have had a great time buying and buying and buying, project after project after project to do! So, isn't it natural that I would set aside all of the new stuff and knit a little hat using some sock wool leftovers? lol

Basic Umbilical Cord Hat
To make my hat, I combined two lovely patterns that I found at The first was for an umbilical cord hat  and the second was for an icord flower.

Tying the icord through the flower. 
I LOVED how this little hat turned out and I will definitely be adding some icord flowers to future projects. My Sister-in-law made a similar hat without the flower for her future grandbaby boy...she ran away with it before I got a picture (or spilt anything on it) and so I'll have to share some of her great knitting on a future blog! 

The finished hat

Birds eye view
And's off to the back yard to finish of the weekend (and maybe another project) while basking in the sun!! 

Happy Crafting!

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