Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cricut Imagine 'Fly' project

Cricut Imagine débuted at The Shopping Channel on Feb 14th!
What an excellent package and price that we had to offer on The Shopping Channel! I am shocked that we didn't sell out, but imagine (no pun intended) that this bundle will need to be re-stocked very very soon!

The projects that we had on our set were gorgeous, and I truly wish that I could post instructions for everyone of them! Unfortunately, I only have instructions for the ones I did. There is a fabulous team of several designers that work hard to provide projects for the television sets at The Shopping Channel, HSN and Ideal World. I know that Provo Craft is working hard to provide more instructions and projects, so stay tuned and I will happily provide links as soon as they are available to me :)

Luckily for me, I do get to play with the product and design a few of the projects! The following project is done all out of material, I really enjoy the texture of this canvas and while I wouldn't throw this in the washing machine, it's longevity is not a problem when it's hanging on my wall. 

I'll try to remember to take pictures as I go the next time that I am crafting! For more pictures of our set and gorgeous Imagine projects, please visit my Facebook page

Dimensional 12x12 Canvas made with Cricut Imagine
Project: “Fly”
Designed by: Heather Lancaster

Cricut Imagine
Cricut cartridges: JT (Imagine)
Gypsy & Gypsy Font
Printable Canvas
Black Cotton
Ultrahold Heat’n’Bond
12x12 Blank Canvas (Framed)
Paint; teal, black
Paint brush
Black Ink
Decorative Self Adhesive Jewels (Prima Say It in Pearls)


1      Paint the framed canvas teal, and once completely dry,  use a paint brush to add black detail to the edges of the frame
2      Iron Ultrahold Heat’n’bond to the back of all canvas and cotton pieces. This will ensure the best cut with Cricut as well as provide adhesive on each piece for final attachment to your canvas frame. Be sure to use a new mat as well, so that your fabric is held securely in place while cutting.
3      With JT Cartridge inserted in Cricut Imagine, select the scalloped circle from the Pre-loaded Imagine shapes and fill with the JT checkered teal pattern. Select ‘Fit to Page’, then print and cut. Use black ink to gently highlight the edges of the scallop.
4      Select 2 Scallop Borders from the JT Imagine Cartridge, then select ‘Fit to Page’. Print and cut borders, inking the edges in the same way as you did with the scalloped circle.
5      Select ‘Fly’ from the JT Imagine Cartridge and edit size to 6.25 inches. Print and Cut.
6      Using Gypsy and Gypsy Font, create the phrase as shown on the final project, with letter height set at 2”. Merge the letters of each word. I also cut each sentence as a separate file so that the Gypsy processed the words at it’s fastest rate.
7      Iron all pieces onto the canvas and finish with glittered ribbon and self adhesive jewel/pearl embellishments.

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