Friday, February 25, 2011

Imagine More!

I quite love the name of the Imagine More cartridge, cause I think it represents everything that we try to do as crafters, mother's, wives etc... Imagine More! Yes??

This in another project that we had on our set at the last TSC airing. It's from the Imagine More cartridge. Can you tell that I like to do dimensional projects?!

'Butterfly Notes' made with the Imagine More cartridge!!

Project: “Butterfly Notes”
Designed by:  Heather Lancaster

Cricut Imagine
Cricut cartridges: Imagine More
White Cardstock
6.5” x 11.25” Wooden Base
Cuttlebug Daisy Quilling Set
Paint; cream, dark brown
Paint brush
Assorted Ribbon
Brown Ink
Foam Dots
Paper clip/holder
Finishing nail

1      Paint the base cream with brown edging and allow to completely dry.
2      Paint the paper clip holder and allow to dry.
3      Print pink, green and brown papers using Imagine and cut quilling strips with Cuttlebug. Follow quilling instructions to make 2 large flowers and 2 small flowers. Use brown ink and paint to add detail to the flowers. Set aside.
4      With Imagine Cartridge, select green ‘smile’ note paper and edit to print just the green background. Print and cut at 10.5”. Ink the edges of the frame and adhere to the wooden base.
5      Select note paper from same image design and edit to cut just the note paper at 7”. I printed out several sheets onto printer paper!
6      Select ‘Spread Your Wings’ frame and edit to print and cut just the butterfly. Cut 3 butterflies at 1.5” and 1 butterfly at 2.5”. Ink edges in brown. Butterflies will be attached to frame with a foam dot under one wing on each butterfly.
7      Select ‘Notes’ frame and edit to print and cut just the NOTES title at 1.25”. Ink edges and adhere to frame with extra deep foam dots.

   ·      Ensure placement of embellishments does not interfere with access of note paper.
   ·      Attach paper clip to wooden base by hanging it from a finishing nail. This will allow replacement of papers easily.
   ·      Place ‘Notes’ title so that it hides the finishing nail. Use layered foam dots to create the height needed so that the title sits above the nail holding the paper clip
   ·      Attach ribbons by tying them onto the paper clip and gluing them in place amongst the flowers and butterflies.


  1. I like that...very nice. Thanks for all the instructions as well.

  2. This is so beautiful and functional. I really appreciate the directions also. I love all your creations Heather.