Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amazing Antique File Cabinet Find!

The enticing ebay picture that lured me in....

I am counting my lucky stars to have found this AMAZING file cabinet on ebay!! I have been admiring them for years and wondering how people can find them let alone afford them, and so when I saw this one reasonably priced on ebay, I crossed my fingers and inquired about shipping from the US to Canada...a couple of months later and whoohooo! It is here, home, with me, in my space, making me smile!!

The label reads 'Yawman and FRBE Rocheter, NY'
The cabinet has a total of seven stacking sections. There's even a lovely base and crown. The middle sections and drawers can be stacked in a multitude of fabulous ways! The store dated the cabinet from about 1895.

And... so then... now comes the hard part!! I said that when and if I ever got a cabinet, my plan was to essentially turn it into a giant scrapbook album. I am seeing little labels on each drawer designating different branches of our family tree. Each drawer could have all sorts of bits and pieces from and about the family branch that it represents! Wouldn't that be cool!? 

This is the cabinets new home in my front room! 
I guess I will have to set a weekly goal of even one 'bit' of something to go in there! 

Does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier? Any better ideas floating around out there that would be less work but equally fun and exciting??! 

And I guess I should also warn everyone... be careful what you wish for! I wished for one cabinet and once I found it another one also called out to me!lol I'll share pictures of it when it arrives!! 

Happy Crafting! 


  1. Okay, i am officially jealous. I have my eye on an oak library card catalog that is lurking at a near-by antique store and is totally out of my price range.


  2. They are outrageously priced in Canada aren't they!!? I saw one locally that wasn't nearly as nice priced at $5000.00... ouch! I was also lucky enough to have a family member in the US that was able to bring it to me, so all the shipping and crazy brokerage fees were minimized. Maybe if you go on a road trip to the US you will find a better deal!