Monday, June 27, 2011

Quin's Vinyl

When I am starting off on a new project or trying a new product, I LOVE to be able to research it as much as possible. My blog statistics say that the most googled and watched post that I have shared is for using Cricut Vinyl so I thought that I would share another project with you!

Quin chose this quote by C.S Lewis for her room!
This quote for Quin's room was done using the Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge, along with the a swirl from the Home Accents Cricut Cartridge. Because I wanted such a large phrase, it meant that I would have to piece together each sentence after they were cut.

Using a 12 x 24" Cricut mat to cut out this larger quote really streamlined the process, as I didn't have to keep switching mats. I planned everything out on my Gypsy before I began cutting. :)

Follow some tips from my other Vinyl Post  to get started to create your design, and hopefully the additional guidelines below will ensure your success with a larger phrase!

1. Create your design. Using Cricut Gypsy or Cricut Design Studio will allow you to put it all together and visually love it before you cut it!

2. After cutting out your design and 'weeding' it (removing all the extra vinyl), trim each word and place Transfer tape over top of each word.

3. Position your phrase onto the wall and ensure that everything is straight and centered!

4. Remove the backing material from the phrase then burnish the vinyl onto the wall.

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Cricut Vinyl
Just can't cut enough vinyl!

ps... doesn't vinyl have the oddest spelling ever??! lol

Happy Crafting!


  1. I have paid a small ransom for these vinyl cutouts... so jealous! I saw Quin's beach bag yesterday - the one you made with Yudu - so jealous there too!

  2. Gorgeous; and I love the quote.