Monday, June 6, 2011

More Cake Please!!

It's THAT time of year again at my house!! Birthday's and Cake and Summer, hooray!! We always celebrate my daughter's birthday in early June with a bbq and crazy busy birthday party. 

This year's theme (if we have to say we had one) was a night at the movies. All of our party guests stayed up late watching a movie outside and we served popcorn! That's a theme right?!lol 

Any which way that you look at it, we all had fun! The cake was, of course, made using Cricut Cake, fondant, and gumpaste. The Street Sign Cricut Cartridge was PERFECT for the writing on our 'directors board' and I am happy to report that including rolling out the fondant, cutting out the letters AND putting it all together, this cake only took about one hour! I rolled out two full sheets of gumpaste for cutting out my letters, but I only used one :)

To make the black portion of the directors board, I rolled out black gumpaste onto my Cricut Cake Mat and then used the marked measurements on the mat to cut the pieces. The bottom is one solid piece of black, then the top 'clapper' is a second strip of gumpaste and finally in the top left there is a bracket that I cut freehand.

Quin was very very happy to have her cake and eat it too! She was so happy, that she was also very compliant this year when it came time to wear the Birthday Crown!

I found this crown in Las Vegas years ago and ever since it came home, it has been our family tradition that you don't get to open your birthday presents unless the crown is on your head! My older kids are adamant to boycott this tradition! For me personally, I am happy to wear the crown if I have a present on my lap! It's the least I can do! :)

My tips for making your own director's cake:
     1. You MUST have Cricut Cake!! The writing is what this cake is all about and you would be crazy to attempt this any other way!
     2. As always, roll your gumpaste out VERY thin to get a good cut on Cricut! Also be sure to freeze your gumpaste before cutting. 
     3. I added water to a small amount of gumpaste and then heated it in the microwave to make a consistency of bright white icing that I could use in an icing bag. I then free-handed the 'written' words on the director's board. I picked 'Roll 6' because Quin is our 6th child!! 
     4. The rolled fondant and gumpaste taste like a sugar candy, but they aren't as decadent or flavorful as a traditional cake frosting. I smothered the cake in a nice layer of our favorite buttercream before I put the fondant on top. 

Happy Birthday's AND Crafting!!


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