Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Story Flip Books!

Do you remember creating cartoon flipbooks on the pages of your text books when you were young? It was SO MUCH fun!! I loved it and was reminded of the idea when Provo Craft had a Flip Book company attend a Gala Event last year. We all were allowed to make a custom flipbook that was ready in minutes! 

The flip book that I made at the event inspired our idea for these Birthday Party Invitations! 

And so, earlier this month, we got busy at my house using Your Story to  make our own custom 'flip book' Birthday Party invitations!!

Our finished flipbook covers.

If you've never used Your Story before, it is super easy! The system comes with book covers which are pre-made OR you can purchase glue strips that can be added to any home made book to create your own adhesive spine. It only takes a couple of minutes to heat up the machine, and then you tuck the book with pages into the machine and let the pages 'bond' into the glue. Once your book cools down you are done! 

 Super easy yes?! You end up with a really impressive hard or soft cover book at a fraction of the cost of ordering one online. Pre-made covers come in an assortment of sizes and you can bind scrapbook pages, photos, transparencies... all kinds of fun stuff. Maybe some of that end of the year school artwork that is coming home??!!

These are the 4"x6" covers that we used...

To make flipbook invitations, these are the steps to follow:

1. Create a file in Photoshop with a consistently sized window. Number each window, and drop in a series of photos that outlines the details of your event. You can create this file in layers, as you will need approximately 23 pages/pictures. Be sure to save each page as you finish so that if you are printing out multiples, you don't have to do any extra work!! Also be sure to number each page as it can be really confusing to assemble 10 books while trying to figure out the correct order that the pictures go in :)

2. Trim each picture and create the visual journey. You can stack the pics front to back or back to front. Play with it a bit to decide what your flipbook style is! 

3. Take a 4x6" Your Story soft book cover and cut it in half. I used my heavy duty paper trimmer and it worked like a charm! 

4. Insert your pages and follow the Your Story instructions to heat and bind your books. 

5. Decorate the front and back covers! We added additional details and information in an easier to read format on the back of the book. :)

I think that's it and I'd love to hear if you give this a try! It would be really fun to try to do up a Grandparent's brag book with sequenced photos and keep it in the 4"x6" size! 

Happy Crafting!


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